State Representative Denise Merrill is given a tour of Whitcraft, an aerospace components manufacturer, by Whitcraft President Jeff Paul to highlight the success of their Incumbent Worker Training Program.

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On-The-Job Training for New Employees
If you have an applicant* you would like to hire, but they are lacking the skill level needed to do the job, our… “On-The-Job Training” program could provide a unique opportunity for you to hire this person and save money on training at the same time. On-the-job training is a contractual agreement made between an employer and the Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board**. The employer agrees to hire and provide substantive on-the-job training to a qualified individual. The EWIB will reimburse the employer up to 50% of the training period wage, up to the participant’s individual account limit.

* Participants must meet guidelines to be eligible for this program.
** Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board is a not-for-profit agency mandated by federal law to oversee workforce development integration.

On-Line Training for Current Employees
On-line training provides your employees the opportunity to upgrade their skills through an effective and affordable distance learning program. There are over 2500 courses available such as technology, business, marketing and management skills. Take advantage of this new way to train your employees.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA) – OJT Training
On-The-Job training (OJT) is a method of training new employees at your work site using other skilled employees as instructors. The Connecticut Department of Labor under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA) gives businesses funds to provide OJT to TAA-eligible individuals to train them in a skilled or semi-skilled occupation.

How does TAA-OJT Benefit Your Business?
We reimburse you 50% - 90% of your new employee’s starting wage rate to offset your extraordinary training costs. Reimbursement lasts from 200 to 1600 hours (two to nine months) depending on the complexity of the job and the current skills and qualifications of your new employees. We customize an OJT program to meet your needs. Your new employee is trained for specific work requirements. We help you complete minimal paperwork.

Who can be hired under the TAA-OJT program?
You may select from a pool of TAA-certified individuals who are enthusiastic about learning new career skills on-the-job. These individuals are building new job skills because their previous employer belonged to an industry hurt by foreign competition.

What are your responsibilities as the employer?
You agree to offer full-time employment and provide training on-the-job.

What are the Connecticut Department of Labor’s responsibilities?
We pay you the agreed upon OJT reimbursement monthly. We refer TAA-certified workers to your OJT openings. We provide on-going employer/employee support.