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STEM: Science/Technology/Engineering & Math:
The STEM Pathway Project will create a statewide, web-based interface that will: a) facilitate the linkage of scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals with K-12 teachers in Connecticut looking for curriculum resources and guest lectures; and b) inventory and track student internship opportunities and summer youth jobs. The value proposition relates directly to the synergy produced by combining a common interface between the education system and the workforce development system to maximize employer participation and improve relationship management with employers.

The Eastern Connecticut Regional Workforce Innovation Council (formerly STEM Council) continues the work initiated through the Governor’s Commission for Economic Diversification to 1) create a central regional infrastructure to coordinate the numerous, but currently disconnected STEM activities occurring in the region; 2) assist the development of a K-16 talent pipeline for high skill/technical jobs in STEM areas; and 3) build replicable models that move to scale effective programs that meet the workforce needs of STEM-related businesses.

The Regional Workforce Innovation Council helps to guide critical planning and implementation activities and leverage our region’s resource networks while also connecting with statewide or national STEM organizations. Council membership engages representatives from our community including Local Education Authorities, Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs), higher education, economic development, STEM-related industry employers, and organized labor among others. Activities of the group include a) guiding and facilitating the dissemination of best practices across the region to increase student interest and achievements in STEM subjects; b) creating a peer-to-peer (employer/professional) recruitment mechanism and an ongoing forum for other STEM-related efforts that need employer participation; c) assessing the regional STEM marketing dynamics (i.e., messaging, audiences, distribution); d) monitoring and addressing short-term occupational shortages in STEM related areas such as Engineering; e) capacity building for articulating STEM pathways through a promising (STEM) Experts in Schools pilot program; and f) fostering continuous improvement within the framework of the Results Based Accountability (RBA) model.

The Regional Workforce Innovation Council helps to guide critical planning and implementation.  For More Information Contact Virginia Sampietro, Director of Strategic Development at 860-859-4100 ext 13