Workforce Investment

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Expanded Services at American Jobs Centers East

The Eastern region accounts for the majority of the state's job growth gains, creating the need for an effective labor exchange system to accommodate high levels of hiring & movement. To meet this demand, we have upgraded the offerings at each of our four (4) Centers, resulting in 11,000 residents generating over 40,000 visits anually.

Providing On-Line Training Opportunities

The importance of delivering steady, well-timed skill upgrades to the region's workers is critical. Unfortunately, balancing the time demands of work & family is not always easy. To solve this, EWIB launched Skillport, a leading online training tool, in 2005. As the #1 training program at American Jobs Centers East, it provides a flexible on-line skills upgrade system that users can access anytime of day or night, from whatever location is most conducive to learning.

Bridging the Transportation Gap

Designed to increase employment opportunities for workers, & the available labor supply pool for employers throughout Eastern CT, the "Transportation to Employment" program continues to exceed established performance goals year-after-year. With 95% of EWIB's 41-municipalities utilizing this program, it's a key ingredient in Eastern CT's economic foundation.

Focusing on Active Adults

Reengaging active adult baby boomers into the region's labor market is another important solution to maintaining a highly-skilled labor supply. Helping them prepare for a return to employment with state-of-the-art skills assists regional employers to cope with the conditions of our tight labor market.

Technical Skills Training Initiative

 This On-the-Job (OJT) Initiative targets three STEM fields that play an essential role in the regional & state economy: 1) information Technology (I/T); 2) Engineering; and 3) Advanced Manufacturing. It responds to employer demand to prepare workers with STEM skills for the increasing share of jobs requiring these skills that are driving the knowledge-based economy of the region.