Earning Academic Credit through Wired for Work Metrix Learning

The American council on Education (ACE) has recommended a number of Skillsoft courses, available through Metrix Learning, for credit at 2 year and 4 year colleges. Wired for Work Metrix Learning customers are encouraged to explore the list of approved curricula at: http://www.skillsoft.com/about/accreditations/Default.asp?type=Academic. For College Course Equivalencies: QVCC and Three Rivers Community College.

All of the coursework is available through Metrix Learning during your license period. The final exam must be taken at an approved ACE testing location in a proctored environment. Your Metrix license must still be active to take the exam.


Earning Credentials and Certifications through Wired for Work Metrix Learning

Metrix Learning provides access to Skillsoft courses, these courses can lead to industry recognized certifications. There are business certification prep courses such as: Six Sigma, Project Management Professional, Human Resources, Customer Service, etc. There are over 110 IT certification prep courses such as: Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Associate, Quickbooks, CompTIA, etc.


Kenexa ProveIT Assessments

Kenexa ProveIT provides over 800 validated assessment tests through Metrix Learning. ProveIT assessments can be used to measure proficiency in a specific skill area. Over 350 ProveIT assessments connect directly to Metrix courses. If an assessment score falls below proficiency level (80%) the Metrix Learning system will suggest specific courses to enhance that skill.