Mission Splash

Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board Mission

The Eastern Connecticut Workforce Investment Board (EWIB) shares responsibility with the region’s 44 Chief Elected Officials for overseeing funding and policy development under the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA). The EWIB assists the region’s educators, trainers, and employers in preparing a supply of qualified workers. EWIB coordinates services to support a full range of individual customer needs including workers who are entering the workforce for the first time, unemployed, under-employed, transitioning into new occupations, or adding skills to remain competitive within the company and industry in which they work.

Workforce Investment Boards across the country use many different names. Our Board purposefully kept the word “investment” in our name. Why? Investment defines our mission. In the era of results-based accountability, our performance as stewards of public funds relates directly to investment concepts such as leveraging funds or producing a return on investment. Our resident taxpayers and business owners apply the same standards to all of our public partners such as educators, economic development leaders and chief elected officials. Rather than shy away from results-based accountability, we keep it front and center and use the term “investment” in our name. Our Board makes decisions about how to use our federal and state money to increase the competitiveness of our workforce. These decisions represent our “investments.”